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Join the Journey

Welcome to my first post!

A quick introduction: my name is Siobhan and I’m researching the architecture of the Great Northern Railway in Ireland. About me 


Across its original network the GNRI has some of the finest examples of railway architecture. This includes stations built of yellow bricks, red bricks, in cottage-styles, and with Italianate towers – sometimes all at once!

The GNRI had one of the most architecturally dominant engineering works in Ireland located in Dundalk. It is an array of vast workshops and offices, and still stands today. Read my article in Architecture Ireland to find out more about it.

Then there are the residences for employees. Housing across the GNRI also used the same designs of stations, as seen at station masters’ houses, residential terraces and larger, semi-detached houses.

Join the Journey

This blog, along with its Twitter and Instagram accounts, is a journey. And every journey needs a beginning. This is my beginning.

As the weeks and month progress and I discover more about the GNRI and its architecture, I’ll share these stories and images with you. Together we can explore the remains of one of Ireland’s greatest railway network. 

Full steam ahead!

Dundalk Station looking south

Station master's office, Dundalk Station looking north

Boiler shop at the GNRI's former engineering works, Dundalk

Demesne Terrace, railway workers' residences, Dundalk